Today, local communities can be in direct contact with the rest of the world.

The University of Nagano is being established to become a center of knowledge for acquiring a global perspective and advanced practical expertise sought after in today’s society.
Just as water from a spring becomes a river which leaves an impact as it twists and turns on the way to the ocean, the University of Nagano will nurture people who have a wide perspective from which to solve problems, support their region, and lead on the global stage.


Tiny drops become a stream, then a great river that quenches the land as it flows into the wide world. Founded to create a new flow originating in Nagano, the University of Nagano has three principles as its mission: Development of Leaders, Regional Innovation, and Global Communication.
From Nagano, to the world. While supporting their communities and interacting with diverse values from other cultures and societies, students will treasure the abundant nature and history of Nagano, create new knowledge, and return their achievements to their communities while also communicating these achievements to the world.

Do you have a vision to take on the world?