Today, local communitiescan be in direct contactwith the rest of the world.

Opening April 2018


  • Produce Leaders
  • Regional Innovation
  • Transmit Global
Tiny drops become a stream, then a great river that quenches the land as it flows into the wide world. Founded to create a new flow originating in Nagano, the University of Nagano has three principles as its mission: Development of Leaders, Regional Innovation, and Global Communication.
From Nagano, to the world. While supporting their communities and interacting with diverse values from other cultures and societies, students will treasure the abundant nature and history of Nagano, create new knowledge, and return their achievements to their communities while also communicating these achievements to the world.


  • Dormitory life for all 1st year students
    All 1st year students will be living at the dormitory to encourage a high level of independence and strong social skills.
  • Overseas Program
    This short-term training program will give all 2nd year students the opportunity to study in their major while experiencing a foreign language.
  • Small-group Learning
    The ideal form of learning is education suited to each and every student. Small-group classes will include a communication seminar, an intensive English program and seminars in each student’s major.


The University of Nagano is composed of three distinct departments in two faculties. Together these will shape the human resources that will become the leaders of tomorrow.
Professional courses, school-wide mandatory seminars, and other basic education courses all consist of small-group classes, and offer attentive education matched to students' individuality.
Faculty of
Global Management Studies
The department will nurture students who possess a global outlook and a spirit of entrepreneurship, and who, through management studies, develop into future leaders who will achieve their vision.
Faculty of
Health and Human Development
The department will train leaders who move in step with their communities while valuing the life-sustaining foods, the nature-basededucationprograms, and other cultural aspectsof Nagano, and who act with a global outlook in their specialized fields.


Do you have a vision
to take on the world?
Just bring your ambition.
Let the university be a great stage for discovering the dreams of a new you.
I hope to train strong, young leaders who will go out from Nagano into the world.

University Centers

The University of Nagano will provide a comprehensive range of assistance covering aspects including academic learning, international exchange, career planning, and student life. Various seminars will also be organized to contribute to the local community, including government-industry-academia collaboration, regional coordination and open lectures.
Global Center
In addition to assisting with international exchange and language training for students, the Global Center will provide language and lifestyle support for overseas students.
Center for Social Innovation Initiatives
This center will organize events aimed at contributing to the local community through government-industry-academia collaboration and regional coordination, joint efforts with other universities, and organizing open lectures.
Career Center
The Career Center will assist students to develop their careers, work opportunities and internships to ensure that each and every student is preparing to step out into society.
Student Support Center
Students will be able to ask for assistance with any aspect of student life at the Student Support Center, which will provide detailed support covering areas such as enrolment and study techniques, dormitory life, group activities, scholarships, and physical and mental health issues.